Law Freeter

I learned a new word recently: freeter. It's a Japanese word describing someone who just works part-time, like some kind of diet-NEET - actually, you'd probably be better off just reading the wikipedia page. Turns out I was one during my last job, and I've just been hired for another part-time research thing, so I suppose I'm a freeter again. To be honest, it seems like a better deal than full-time work. You get most of the free time of being a NEET, the psychological need to feel productive gets filled, and you can spend the money on plastic tat from Japan. This time my job's at a law school in the next city over, so I won't be spending 3 hours on the train each day.

I'm very glad to have this post, mostly because the job market in the UK (especially outside of London) is absolutely horrendous at the moment. Since my last job ended in April, I sent off applications to basically every academic or (decently paying) paralegal job I'm qualified for. That resulted in 10 interviews, some of those progressed to a second round. Every time there's been a more qualified applicant - even with this job, the posting was for a full-time contract that's about twice as long.

If I'm struggling with a fancy resume, in jobs with a relatively small applicant pool, I cannot imagine how bad it is for your average job seeker.

Anyway, it seems like there's some interesting projects I'll be able to work on, so I'll be sure to say I'll add some to the site and then neglect to do it.