LawNEET Quarterly

It's been a while since I updated this site. There isn't really a good reason for this; it's a combination of being bone idle, the general lethargy that comes from being a NEET, and no real life updates to share.

I graduated from my master's degree a year ago, and in that time I've been able to reflect on how good an investment it's been. Prior to getting it, I was having an incredibly hard time finding work. The only job I managed to get was one offered by my old university, specifically for graduates who needed work experience. Since getting my master's degree I've been able to apply for jobs that require one (which is more often than I anticipated), and I seem to get offered interviews more often than not now. So far that's only translated to one job offer (which ended last April). Still, I must be doing something right, although I suspect having Cambridge on my resume is doing a lot of heavy lifting.

In other news, I finally sent off my thesis for publication. It had been edited and sitting in my email's draft folder for months but for some reason it never felt ready to actually send. The publication process for UK law journals is a lot slower than those in the US, so it might be a while before it ends up in print. Part of the reason I put off submitting it off was because I entered Google's thesis competition and they didn't want it to be published anywhere. I didn't win—which is a shame because I could have used the $5000—but one of the judges sent me an email after the fact to say he liked it, which was neat.

This site also reached 55,000 views. I'm not sure how that happened, but I'd like to thank everyone who looked at this site. I hope you found something useful on it.

As for the future, I've got at least one more interview to have and one post to hear back from. Hopefully either of those pan out because they're neat jobs. I also want to redo bits of the site and add more of the notes, but no promises on when that'll actually happen.

Update: I head back from the job, it was another rejection.

Second update: It's been over three weeks since that interview and I've not heard anything, so I'll assume it's a no. I also heard back from the journal I sent my thesis to; they won't publish it as is, but I've been given some feedback and told I can resubmit it. Hopefully that will lead to another article getting published.